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Frequently Asked Questions

At EWC Consultants, we know that choosing a sales training provider is an important decision. The following most frequently asked questions will provide you with more information on EWC’s services. If after reviewing our FAQ’s, you still have questions, please feel free to call us at 866-764-0370.

  • EWC FAQs

    • Does EWC only work with wireless companies?

      No. The art of salesmanship transcends all industries. Consultants and coaches at EWC use their executive sales experience to assist all types of companies, regardless of the industry they represent.

    • Where does EWC conduct its training sessions?

      For client convenience, EWC conducts workshops and seminars at the client’s facility. If the client prefers, we can utilize an off-site facility, which is secured by the client.

    • Are EWC’s fees based on hourly rate or a pre-packaged fee?

      EWC offers a flexible fee structure that includes an hourly rate for consultation and coaching services, and a packaged rate for workshops and seminars. For long term consultation services, such as strategic planning and staff development services, EWC offers competitive retainer rates charged on a monthly basis.

    • Does EWC conduct workshops for teams with more than 10 sales reps?

      Yes. EWC customizes workshops for group of all sizes. Because our workshops and seminars are highly interactive, we prefer groups of 10 participants or less to encourage participant interaction, and to ensure that each participant has a rewarding educational experience. In the case of larger groups, we may divide the team into smaller groups, depending on the topic and the client’s desired outcome.

    • Does EWC provide in-person consultation and training outside the Washington, DC area?

      Yes. EWC conducts workshops and provides consultation and coaching services throughout the United States. In cases where clients require an EWC consultant to provide services outside the Washington metropolitan area, the client covers travel expenses and incidentals.

    • Does EWC provide virtual training?

      Yes. EWC utilizes state-of-the-art video and audio technology to host online meetings, webinars, and video conferences.

    • Does EWC offer a free consultation?

      Yes. EWC offers a free initial consultation to potential clients. In this consultation, our goal is to gain an understanding of organizational and staffing issues that negatively impact your company’s sales performance. Contact E-Wireless Communications to arrange a free consultation for your organization.

    • Does EWC provide training materials for the training?

      Yes. EWC provides all training materials needed to deliver an effective educational experience. This includes training manuals, Power Point presentations and handouts.

    • Will EWC customize training based on my needs?

      Absolutely. EWC understands that each organization has unique issues. Consequently, each workshop, seminar and client solution is developed based on each client’s needs.

    • Does EWC conduct workshops for managers and executives in addition to sales professionals?

      Yes. EWC offers two educational tracks, one for sales professionals and another for sales managers and executives. Under these tracks we offer two educational series, the Sales Performance Series and the Team Management Series, which is designed for managers and executives. Our Training section provides a complete description of our workshops.

      In addition, EWC coaching services are ideal for executives who want to address professional and career challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions