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The EWC Method

Is your sales team up for the challenge?

It is true that we’re witnessing the most competitive business environment in our nation’s economic history. The days of closing a deal on a wink and a handshake are long gone. Business to business purchasing is more complicated, buyers are savvier, and budgets are tighter, making it more time-consuming and laborious to get to the closing table. Fact is, today buyers have greater access to product information and they use it to make better purchasing decisions.

Besides that, competition is stiff! Although your “widget” is good, there is always someone who claims that his “widget” is better. And, unfortunately, the two of you are trying to sell the same “widget” to the same “buyer.”

So, how do you overcome these challenges? You take your sales team through ADAPT.

ADAPT: Training That Goes Beyond Theory

When it comes to sales training, EWC veers off the beaten path. We employ nontraditional training methods to help sales professionals adapt to nontraditional buying behaviors that have emerged in the marketplace. Although, we subscribe to the traditional tenets of salesmanship, we recognize that modern sales professionals conduct business in a dynamic, high tech, and global environment. Hence, our approach is not to focus on theory, but to teach practical skills that sales professionals need to compete in an ever-changing business environment.

To do this, we developed ADAPT— EWC’s unique training methodology. ADAPT identifies institutional challenges that hamper sales success, walks corporate leaders though a successful sales planning process, and exposes sales professionals to training experiences that build the skills and confidence they need to succeed. More explicitly, ADAPT does the following:

Assess Current Business Environment

—Assess sales procedures, CRM, talent pool, and leadership

Diagnoses the Problem

—Determine environmental obstacles/challenges that may hinder high sales productivity

Acquires Corporate Goals

—Collaborate with leadership to develop feasible sales goals for the organization

Prepares a Plan of Action

—Develop strategic and tactical plans to help client realize sales goals

Tailors a Training Solution to Client Needs

—Create and implement a customized training solution to enhance specific skills needed to improve sales performance

To learn more about EWC methodology and how it can be applied to grow sales in your organizations, contact EWC for a free consultation.
The EWC Method